Emmett Cobb making sure the wiring is in order setting up a display at Laudi Vidni it's gorgeous how the wires fit together store sign at Eye Want in Wicker Park Eye Want sign at night close up of the thermoformed plastic

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Emmett Cobb is an incredibly talented and intelligent artist. 
Her work is a beautiful example of humans connecting with the space around them.
I got to tag along while Emmett set up an interactive lighting display at Laudi Vidni and a sign at Eye Want, both using integrated materials and practical design.

The lighting display at Laudi Vidni, a store located in Chicago,
where you can build your own personalized handbag, is interactive shopping at it’s finest. 
Emmett created a lighting system for the shelves that responds to the movement of people walking around the shop. 
The more shoppers move in the environment, the more the lights flicker and soften, as if the momentum they cause creates wind that directly affects the lights. 

The sign Emmett installed at Eye Want, a glasses store in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, is a gorgeous display of metalworking, lighting technology, and thermoformed plastics. 

Check out more of Emmett’s work here.  


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