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Those of you who have ever wanted to learn a trade or a skill know that it seems quite daunting. There’s so much to master and it can feel like you’re putting yourself on the line. Take some advice from Anne Bujold, welder and blacksmith. Start small and work your way up to the big stuff.
Anne’s interest in metalwork started in jewelry making. As her skills grew and she became proficient at fabricating bigger and better things, the possibilities continued to grow in her mind. The knowledge she gained in classes and from mentors led her to expand the concepts of what she considered herself capable of doing.
Knowledge is power. The saying may be old and trite, but it doesn’t make it any less true. When you want something, get your feet wet. Learn as much as you can. Keep an open mind and open ears to hear advice and encouragement. Being a woman in what is typically a man’s world may take a little more elbow grease in the long run. Don’t let that dampen your spirit. Use it as fire to fuel the flames of your passion.
One of Anne’s favorite aspects metalwork is the rush she feels as she wields her hammer. Forging hot metal is dangerous and powerful. Keep that in mind as you view some of her finished work above. Don’t let the fanciful nature of her art fool you into forgetting the labor and ingenuity behind each bend and curve.

Anne’s workwear: Carhartt Women’s Zip-Front Sweatshirt, Carhartt Women’s Calumet Crewneck T-Shirt, Carhartt Women’s Clarkston Cami Tank, Carhartt Women’s Relaxed-Fit Canvas Cane Dungaree, & Carhartt Women’s Quick Flex Glove


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